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 Inside the Mind of an Abuser

Charles grew up in an environment where abuse in all forms was commonplace. He experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Charles displayed a victim mentality which came through in what he said and did. He became a master abuser himself spending many years in jail for domestic and public abuse. His abusive parents taught him that human beings have no inherent value and were put on this earth to be treated like animals. Charles thought it was his given right to abuse other people. It didn’t matter what color, age, sex or the physical condition they were in, he would abuse them.

Charles particularly liked to prey on young boys who were vulnerable to sadistic abusers. People especially, young boys, felt safe with Charles because he looked like your next door neighbor grandpa, not a perverted abuser. He had an unassuming personality; he was soft spoken and seemed gentle in his outward appearance. He had well-groomed gray hair with a finely trimmed goatee. He also wore wire rimmed glasses. Lurking inside him was a perverted animal out of control that didn’t have his dirty lusts under control. His mind was so warped from being physically, emotionally   abused that he thought it was normal to act this way; the sexual abuse of his victims didn’t trouble his conscience either. After all he was just showing “affection” toward them, they should have thanked him for his special care for them. They should be thankful he picked them to be his conquests; these were the sick messages running through his extremely unbalanced mind.

Charles did have extensive counseling with prison psychiatrists who defined him as “Being a depraved sociopath who had extensive, baser behavioral tendencies than most normal people.” They noted he was dangerous and a menace to society. They also highly recommended he should be locked away for life and never be set free from inside prison walls. These were opinions of trained professionals who had been practicing in the field for years. The judicial system shunned their opinions and let Charles out each time saying he was a “reformed man.” He said to one doctor he had no deviant behaviors and he was a “normal” functioning human being and he could not understand why he was put into prison so much. He felt like society was picking on him and punishing him for the “savage” and “deserving” acts he would treat other people to.

Charles took extreme pleasure in fleshing out his perverted fantasies on other people; who cried for mercy and suffered miserably from his torment but their pleas didn’t faze him. The more the victims suffered the better he enjoyed it. He reasoned that God put him in the environment he grew up in creating him the way he was; so he had neither guilt nor any remorse for what he had done. The worst part was that Charles filmed his crimes; he’d view them for “entertainment” thoroughly enjoying his perverse acts on video.

 Charles was a perverted abuser until Jesus Christ looked his way. Charles was bored sitting in his jail cell so (This time authorities saw the light and gave him life in prison.) he started thumbing through the bible in his cell… The Holy Spirit spoke to his troubled heart about Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Charles was worth dying for and Jesus was inviting him to accept Hid gracious gift of eternal life. Charles quietly bowed his head and asked Jesus to be His Savior.  Only Jesus truly knew his heart.

“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1Samuel 16:7

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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