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 Young and foolish

Tim and Rochelle were two young Christians in love. One night they let their passion get the best of them and they had a life-changing event. Both were still in High School and the timing of this event could not have been worse. They were financially, spiritually and emotionally not ready for this imminent major life change. Tim and Rochelle did not have jobs. To make things worse their parents had no idea what had transpired between them. What would they do? They really only had two options. One would stain their lives forever; the other would be the right decision before God. The second option would make their lives much more complicated. They did not think through the deep implications of their bad choice and now things between them and in their lives will never be the same.

“TIM YOU’D BETTER COME OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!” “Rochelle I certainly hear panic in your voice. What is wrong?” “JUST GET OVER HEAR NOW!”  An hour slips by no Tim. “Hello” “TIM GET OVER HERE NOW! YOU BETTER AND I MEAN YOU BETTER BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES.”  Tim skids up in front of Rochelle’s house, slams   the car door and sprints up to her front door. Tim, in a rage, starts pummeling her front door with his fists. The door slowly opens.  “WELL WHAT IS THE BIG SECRET?” Rochelle is a sight to see sitting on the floor wailing. “I AM PREGNANT YOU FOOL!”  “WHAT!” “ I –A-M P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T  Y-O-U F-O-O-L” Tim went pale and sank to his knees. “Are you sure?” “Yes I am very sure. I took a pregnancy test it came out positive.”  Both Tim and Rochelle were blue eyed with blonde hair. They were both slender and athletic. No one in their high school would have expected this to happen to this “perfect” young Christian couple in love.

They decided to rule out having an abortion because that choice went against every biblical belief they held dear. Their only option was to set up an appointment with Pastor Harris and seek his counsel. They saw Pastor Harris the next day. They told him their lack of self-control cost them their future hopes and dreams.  Pastor listened intently and then he prayed with them for wisdom. Pastor counseled them to get married, tell their parents and have the baby. They were deftly afraid the Pastor would counsel them along those lines. So they set the time to tell their parent’s what happened and hoped for the best. That very night they called a meeting with their parent’s. Everyone met at Tim’s house and gathered around the dinner table. Tim’s dad broke the awkward silence with the million dollar question. “So what is the earth shaking news you two want to tell us?”  Tim and Rochelle shifted nervously in their chairs; stared up at the ceiling and broke the unexpected news: “Um! Um! Tim stuttered the words out, “Rochelle is pregnant.”  The silence was unbearable. Rochelle’s mom exploded-YOU ARE WHAT? PREGNANT! PREGNANT! HOW COULD YOU TWO BE SO STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE? PREGNANT THAT IS JUST GREAT.

Tim’s dad broke in “She is right you two were stupid and irresponsible to put yourself in this dilemma. What do you two think you should do now?” Rochelle looked straight in her mom’s face, “We are going to get married and have the child. We will finish our High School diplomas. Tim will get a night job to support us. We already found an apartment to rent. We figured after we graduated Tim would get a full time job and go to school on line at night. I will stay home and take care of the baby.” Their parents shook their heads in disbelief and hoped their plans would work out. Passion had certainly got them in trouble.

Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are:  immorality, impurity, sensuality. Galatians 5:19

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Added On 05/18/2015 
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